Air transportation


Air transportation of cargo


Big business is impossible to imagine without aviation . Large corporations have long outgrown the limits of the countries in which they were created , everywhere there is international cooperation . Very often, the part of the necessary components are in one corner of the world and some - in the other, and the assembly is done at all in the third when implementing large projects.

International air freight nullify the distance between countries because the delivery time is a few hours only. We are talking about air transportation in the case of urgent international transport of goods. Lost days can cost a company significant losses in the future when transporting critically needed equipment, documents, perishable products.

The peculiarity of the delivery of goods to any of the Canary Islands lie in the fact that there are possible delivery either by sea or air transport. If air transportation in Europe is the time savings but the transatlantic air transportation is simply a necessity. Using maritime transport, you can spend from 1 to 3 months for delivery of goods from one country to another. Using air transport, you can spend from 2 to 10 hours only.

Our company understands and appreciates the seriousness of your time, so we do our best to international air transportation was carried out as quickly as possible and with minimal time and cost and the customs have cleared your goods within a reasonable time frame for you.

Turning to the company SOLWAYS Canarias SL, you always get expert help in:

  • organization of international air transportation of export and import goods;
  • organization of air shipments from Spain or vice versa;
  • organization of oversized and heavy air cargoes;
  • delivery of perishable and delicate goods by air.