Customs clearance of foreign trade goods


Customs clearance services of import and export goods is one of the important activities of the company SOLWAYS Canarias S.L.

Customs clearance of cargo transported becomes the cornerstone issue for each international transportation of cargo but not limited to the process or the cost of transportation. This discussion on the problems of customs clearance, licensing and certification of products, support in obtaining the necessary papers and documents, payment of customs rates, as well as other services may be included in the list of customs services of our company in Canary Islands in addition to the immediate clearance of your goods.

The process of international freight deliveries can be so troublesome matter that on the main site no longer find himself quickness and implementation of transportation, not price, and did not even care and responsibility of stevedores and other personnel, and just issuing correct documenting for customs.                                                           

Customs clearance procedures in the Canary Islands has its own characteristics and its implementation is carried out in accordance with EU Directives relating to fiscal areas.

Because of this, the company SOLWAYS Canarias S.L. takes into account all the rules of the EU and Spain and is trying as quickly as possible and qualified to carry out customs clearance of goods delivered, regardless of what kind of traffic it uses (air or sea).

If necessary, the delivered goods can be placed in a warehouse for temporary storage. In addition, we can perform a representative role of the client in the customs authorities, the declaration of goods, transport, etc., arrange the necessary authorization from the customer.

Of course, you yourself can do all customs procedures but in most cases, people, who do not have these skills, allow for a lot of errors which entails not very pleasant consequences. That is why, this procedure should be entrusted to experts in their field.

Our specialists will help provide you with the Canary Islands:

  • customs clearance oversized and project cargoes;
  • customs clearance (import and export) goods;
  • assist in the drafting of foreign trade contracts;
  • representation of your interests in customs authorities as a customs broker;
  • calculation of customs duties